Posted on Oct 25, 2018

The Daily Outsider

Bomb Packages have continued to be hitting critiques of President Trump as we went to Press--including Former Vice President Biden and Robert De Niro. This is as President Trump released another tweet blaming the Media earlier this morning. This is as our team has also been assessing the state of the #MigrantCaravan as it makes its way through Mexico to the US Border. Beyond the shores of the Americas, there is the continued profound tragedy of the Khashoggi Murder and the aftermath. Our team picked up reports that his family's travel ban was lifted and they have left Riyadh as the Saudi Public Prosecutor came out this morning stating that the murder of Mr. Khashoggi was premeditated--and the implications for Saudi Arabia will continue to be profound. We have also been assessing some of the forgotten conflicts--including Yemen where according to the UN, almost 14 Million People (half the Population) are in danger of Famine as the Saudi-Iran Proxy War rages on. As we close out these notes with a "Thought for the week", we look forward to our continued privilege to serve as we work to live up to our Mission to help change the conversation about our World