Posted on Jan 24, 2019

The Daily Outsider

The US Government shutdown continues with no apparent end in sight. There are bills coming up for a vote in the US Senate--Expectations are that they will fail. President Trump noted in his tweet that "We will not cave" as thousands of Federal Workers and their families have had to depend on #ChefForFeds and other charities. At the Second Harvest Food Bank here in Orange County, 100 TSA Agents visited to pick up food. In the meantime, the Economy is losing Billions--as there were reports that the Acting White House Chief of Staff asked for potential further hits if the Shutdown lingered on beyond March. We urge reason and sanity to prevail as we also urge reason and sanity to prevail with the UK exiting the European Union. What we saw courtesy of the Economist' Kaltoons captured the challenges being faced. It is also of note that Davos continues--whether the Elites have answers also is an open question--And in the Americas, Venezuela implodes. .....Challenging times indeed.....
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