Posted on Apr 26, 2020

The Daily Outsider

Our Home State of California has been at struggle against the COVID-19 Pandemic. We present the guidance from the State of California as we live all with this uplifting thought courtesy the team at The Daily Stoic:
Things are rough out there, it’s hard to argue with that. The stock market. Quarantines. Hospitals filled to capacity, and beyond. Travel plans cut short. Families cut off from loved ones.

What is happening?! you might find yourself asking. This is terrifying, are things breaking down? Maybe. But it’s helpful to recall in times like these that, as the broadcaster Paul Harvey once explained, there have always been times like these.

Marcus Aurelius lived through a pandemic. If you’re old enough to read this, then you have already experienced at least one financial crisis. You are the last link in an unbroken chain of ancestors who managed to make it to child bearing age. Which is to say, you come from a long line of survivors: People who lived through civil wars as well as civil unrest. People who survived man-made cataclysms and natural disasters. People who outlasted quarantines and long separations. People who had their plans disrupted. People who woke up for days and days in a row not knowing what the morning would bring, or the kind of future that lay ahead.
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