Posted on Jan 31, 2019

The Daily Outsider

It is the eve of Super Bowl Week-End here in the United States and the excitement is continuing as we went to press with this Notation. Roger Goddell, the NFL Commissioner, came out and admitted an error that may have cost the New Orleans Saints an appearance at the Super Bowl. Beyond the excitement of the Super Bowl, there is the Russia Investigation as the Special Counsel filed a motion to waive the 70-Day rule to bring Roger Stone to trial due to the voluminous amount of information (terabytes of data) that requires analysis. Mr Stone has been on a publicity tour as Senator Lindsay Graham asked for an explanation of the Raid from the FBI Director. This is as President Trump was also on the prowl today as he claimed that the Intelligence Officials noted that their comments rebuking the President's Views were Fake News. We are also assessing reports that The United States will formally file to withdraw the United States from the INF Treaty with Russia. As we go dark through Super Bowl Week-End , please enjoy our curated material in our Perspectives, Visions, Education & Ordinary Faces Virtual Property along with our Social Media updates on our Twitter Handle--@OrdinaryFaces--and our Broadcast Live Pod, @SkyNews as we look forward to the Community's Feedback by dropping a note to us at as we leave you with this thought from the great Khalil Gibran--Onward to February
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