Posted on Nov 7, 2018

The Daily Outsider

As we begin this latest here in our Google Corner, our team produced a Visual Essay of Elections here in our backyard of South Orange County, California as Citizen of Orange County, California voted--and it was quite a turnout throughout the area. As our team assessed the day after today with all the key media outlets, we worked on curating our properties reflecting the developments as a new day dawned in Washington. President Trump, though, had what we view as quite a news conference as he lambasted the CNN correspondent, held out an olive branch ((even going as far as supporting Nancy Pelosi as Speaker)) as he also threatened that he would launch investigations and "knew more than they did". The White House subsequently withdrew his press credentials. This is as President Trump fired The US Attorney General, Jeff Sessions and named the Justice Department Chief of Staff As Acting Attorney General. As this was continuing, we also was assessing the on-going situation in Iran in the aftermath of the formal imposition of Sanctions with an update which will be available on our main property tomorrow during the day. Iranians leaders claim that they would beat the sanctions--we will continue to assess it as we will the situation in key challenges around the World as part of our on-going World-Wide Assessment.