Posted on Feb 4, 2019

The Daily Outsider

It is the eve of the Annual State of the Union by the President of the United States. Our team had worked to finalize a Special @POTUS edition Notation which will be available in the Perspectives Property Early Tomorrow. The White House also released its' list of guests--also a tradition. President Trump's leaked Schedule to Axios in addition to his comments regarding Iraq also was making the headlines as negotiations are continuing in Congress about the President's insistence on a border wall. Beyond the shores of the United States, the uncertainty in the World with Brexit, the US and Russian Withdrawal from the INF Treaty, the Israeli Election along with the uprising in Venezuela has also been of concern and focus for us. This is as on the economic front, GM began the first rounds of layoffs of over 4,000 employees. We look forward to Community Visits to our Properties as we will assess the aftermath of #SOTU2019 and assess on-going areas of focus this week as we close out this week's notation here in our Google Corner with this admonition from former President Barack Obama--what we constantly aim to live up to to fulfill our mission of service.
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