Posted on Nov 8, 2018

The Daily Outsider

It has been quite a profound day in America as America was subject to another mass shooting--the 307th of the Year--almost a mass shooting a day. President Trump declared flags to be flown at half mass in honor of the fallen. This is as the political challenges continue as Florida , Arizona and Georgia races are yet to be decided--The Election is not yet over. In our own Orange County, some 400,000 votes are yet to be counted--although key races have been decided. An extent of the rhetoric is such that there have been accusations of fraud by the Rick Scott Campaign in Florida echoed by President Trump and reported by Conservative Media outlets including the Washington Examiner.
This is as we are seeing also reports of possible indictments by the Special Counsel. As we assess all the profound challenges, we wanted to close out this notation here in our Google Corner with this Visual Essay we produced on the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary our team visited today--a beautiful oasis in the midst of the sprawling metropolis Irvine California is becoming--the Home to University of California Irvine and a booming tech scene. It is one of the rare gems in Orange County we urge all to visit when visiting our beautiful County.