Posted on Jan 7, 2019

The Daily Outsider

As we went to press, we note that Tesla's New Factory in China has broken ground. This is as the US Government continues its' partial shutdown with potential profound impact for SNAP (Food Stamps) receipts, National Parks, Federal Workers Staffing Airports along with Tax Collection. We have also been seeing reports on how US Courts will start to run out of money in about three weeks. Senior Staffers in the White House made the US Sunday Public Affairs shows on CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and FoxNews to press the Administration's Case. This is as John Bolton noted how the abrupt Syria Withdrawal decision will in fact be done in phases--and this is as in Iran there are reports of a restructruing of the National Currency, the Rial--where there will be 4 Zero's dropped from the currency. It will be quite interesting to see how the Government in Iran pulls it off--In the meantime, one of the leaders of the labor movement has come out forcefully accusing the Government of torturing him while in Prison--which has led to calls for investigation by the Deputy Speaker of Parliament if it is in fact proven to be true. We have also been monitoring reports of dual nationals held in Iran as we called for the release of all including a British-Iranian, Nazanin Zarghari-Radcliffe along with Iranian-Americans Siamak and Bagher Namazi. We took comfort in the thought about the art of the possible as a new week dawns.....
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