Posted on Jan 8, 2019

The Daily Outsider

It has been a challenging 24 hours as the US Government shutdown lingers on impacting some 800,000 Federal Workers--and reports we've received indicate that Federal Agencies are running out of Money. The President of the United States is slated to make an address from the Oval Office tonight with a response forthcoming from the US Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, along with the US Senate Democratic Leader, Senator Chuck Schummer of New York. This is as Trump Adminstration officials have been making the rounds of the news networks trying to make their case for the wall. Beyond the shores of the United States, though, the World continues to ever so challenging epitomized by the Water crisis in Iran, the challenges in Afghanistan (as we saw reports that the Taliban cancelled meetings with US Officials), as Britain continues to deal with a potential of a no-deal Brexit (as the latest moves were defeated by British Members of Parliament). Our team took comfort in this that our founder was able to share from one of the contributions he made (and we have as well) to Donate a Photo--especially as we see the heartbreaking #ShutDownStories here in the United States and the profound challenges around the World: Hang On, Pain Ends.
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