Posted on Jan 22, 2019

The Daily Outsider

The annual World Economic Forum at Davos has begun--although some big names including US President Donald Trump, President Macron of France along with British Prime Minister May are staying away to sort out their profound domestic difficulties. The US Government continues to be partially shut down and we have been seeing reports of FBI offices arranging for canned food drives. We understand that a bill will be introduced by the US Senate Majority Leader this week. We also have been assessing the Brexit matter in the UK as well as the continued Yellow Jacket Protests in France. Economic headwinds are also of concern as we have seen reports of a cooling off of the Economy in China. At Davos, The Brazilian President along with the Chinese Vice President will present keynotes at Brexit. We have also been assessing matters in Africa including continued protests in Sudan, the increased insecurity in Nigeria along with a resumption of violence in Zimbabwe. Our team decided to feature a remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King jr. throughout our properties this week as we remain optimistic in spite of the profound challenges in our World as we note this admonition from Dr. King.
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